Appetizer: The Perfect Introduction to a Sheer Gastronomic Pleasure


Everything in life has an introduction, a beginning that announces amazing things happening afterwards. In gastronomy, it’s the appetizer. A magic word that whets our appetite and announces that the sequence of fine flavors is just beginning. 

The history of appetizers dates back to ancient Greece and Rome when people often hung out around small pieces of fruit, dried meat products, cheese, fish, and olives. Today, appetizers are refined and completely separate dishes that occupy the mind and stomach while the restaurant guests wait for the main course that will completely satisfy their hunger.  

Cold Appetizers

When you see fine, small, tasty, and beautifully decorated dishes on a plate, you know that it is a cold appetizer, and their main task is to fill the time until the main course. They are always served cold and are beautifully decorated, thus arousing the desire to eat and increasing the appetite. They are served as a first course in a meal and should be well chosen to fit in with the rest of the meal, but also well balanced to just whet the appetite without satiating the guest. 

Warm Appetizers 

Warm appetizers with rich flavors are served hot. They are light and decorative because they satisfy not only the appetite but the overall impression. A classic warm appetizer is, for example, risotto with seafood, chicken, or vegetables. When choosing a warm appetizer, one should make sure not to choose the foods that will be a part of the following courses. 

As its name suggests, the appetizer stimulates the appetite and comes before the main course and that is why it should not be too filling. It must be properly chosen to fit into the whole meal, and with a little imagination, it can satisfy every taste. Appetizers are exactly the thing that will shake your palate and create the impression of rich plates that are yet to come. Our chef Mićo made sure that you never forget the beginning of your Laganini gastronomic journey. Tuna tartare with avocado cream and Mediterranean herbs, octopus or steak carpaccio, shrimps in tempura or sea plate “Laganini”—there are many options, so just take it easy because you will certainly not go wrong.

With its irresistible appearance, stimulating color palette, and perfect flavor, the appetizer is the perfect overture to a gastronomic show to remember. Settle back comfortably, your Laganini adventure is just beginning.

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