Branzino or Sea Bass: Why We Love it and How We Eat it


When someone tells us that he ate grilled fish, we will probably imagine that he enjoyed a good piece of branzino, that is, sea bass. Drizzled with locally produced olive oil, along with a bit of parsley and garlic, this noble fish is a big star of photos from the summer holidays. A true influencer!

No wonder – sea bass is one of the highest quality saltwater fish, and its meat is one of the tastiest. People who are just getting acquainted with fish specialties will certainly like it right away because of its mildly sweet taste. It is low in calories and contains a small proportion of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. An excellent source of quality proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, it also contains various vitamins and minerals, the most important of which are selenium and B vitamins. 

A Treasure Trove of Health and Irresistible Flavor

The consumption of sea bass improves brain function, reduces the risk of depression, and, due to its combination of fatty acids, amino acids and selenium, improves mood and vision. 

Sea bass grows up to 15 kg and can be longer than one meter, but such specimens are rare. The average sea bass is far smaller and usually weighs between 500 and 800 grams. It can be prepared in a pot, in the oven, in aluminum foil, in parchment paper, on the grill, however you want.

Sea bass is also a favorite among chefs because it has a soft structure. Therefore, chefs are finding many new ways to prepare it, in which they are led by the most famous among them, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, who, in recent years, have provided sea bass an honorable place in their culinary sensations.

The Star of Laganini’s Menu 

But we are not sure if they can compare with what our chef Mićo makes. In the Laganini tavern, you can enjoy a diverse selection of dishes with sea bass in the lead role. You don’t have to wait for sea bass to arrive on the table as the main course – order it as an appetizer! The authentic sea bass tartare with Mediterranean herbs and avocado will surely intrigue your palate. If you want to continue in the same style for your main course, you will not go wrong if you choose a fillet of fresh Adriatic sea bass on a potato and garlic cream with honey, lemon, and olive oil dressing. Be sure to pair your snacks with a drop of refined white wine from our wine list, such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay. If you have a hard time deciding what to choose from the fish menu for dinner, then the right choice for you is the Laganini seafood platter for two, and among the delicacies on the oval platter, smoked sea bass is one of the true specialties.

Sea bass is ideal for everyone: both gourmands and those who count their calories, as well as children and pregnant women, will enjoy it without any trouble. That is why it is an ideal choice on every table, and it is even tastier on a table in the Laganini tavern. Come and check it out!

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