Everyone is Crazy about (Adriatic) Tuna


If tuna had its own CV, then it would probably be written like this: tuna is one of the most consumed fish in the world. It belongs to a subgroup of the mackerel family and has eight species that differ in color and size. Tuna is a nomadic species and is found in all the world’s seas and oceans. It can be eaten fresh or canned. It is usually eaten raw, grilled, and lightly seasoned, while canned tuna takes a long time to prepare and is often served very spicy.

Great for Health, Excellent for Your Palate

But, according to our experience with tuna, there is so much more. At fish markets, you have to wait in line to buy it after the catch, and restaurants compete in its preparation methods. In our country, the first rule is that it must be fresh, and the second one that it has to be – Adriatic. It swims freely in the sea from Istria to Dubrovnik, but farms are also increasing in numbers. We are mainly talking about Atlantic bluefin tuna, the most common tuna species in the Adriatic Sea.

Tuna is a nutrient-rich food, a good source of protein, minerals, and B-group vitamins, and is also known as a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, tuna has less fat than beef, poultry or pork. It is also rich in selenium, the integral part of the antioxidant that helps maintain liver health and helps prevent cancer and heart disease.

Chef Mićo’s Tuna

Tunas are quite large, but the most common caught specimens weigh about twelve kilograms. They are easy to clean and fillet, and are served in pieces, like steaks, that is, the popular tuna steaks. These are the basics, and chef Mićo will, in the Laganini tavern, enrich her majesty, the tuna, in his own way.

Tuna carpaccio with arugula, dried tomatoes, and capers will be a perfect introduction to the aroma of the fresh Adriatic tuna. You can immediately compare it to other fish specialties if you order the Laganini seafood platter for two. In addition to smoked tuna, you will also get smoked swordfish, smoked sea bass, and smoked salmon.

As the main course, you can order a real treat: Tataki tuna in cauliflower cream with wasabi mayonnaise. That is something really special for perfect enjoyment: a blend of Adriatic tuna and Japanese cuisine. Tataki refers to a special preparation method, where the tuna is blanched for a few seconds, coated with aromatic spices and thick soy sauce. And that is just the beginning of a rhapsody for the palate!

A drop of a lighter red wine will go excellent with it. With such a dinner you will certainly not go wrong.

Tuna is one of the five most important Croatian export products. Tuna exports constitute as much as 90 percent of Croatian exports to Japan. At the Laganini tavern, we imported a recipe from Japanese cuisine so we are now even!

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