From a Deep Forest to a Deep Plate: Laganini’s Mushroom Symphony


Some are barely visible even under the microscope, and some are so monstrously large and destructive that they eat entire forests. Some are a great treat, some will make you end up in a hospital after the first bite. Some are affordable to everyone, and some called white truffles are more expensive than 24-karat gold. Fungi are probably the most diverse and certainly one of the most fascinating life forms on Earth, and without them our human life form would be incomparably poorer. Without fungi, there would be no bread, no wine, and no beer. Without fungi, fans of dairy products would never enjoy cheese or live longer by consuming yogurt and kefir. No fungi, after all, means no mushrooms! And they are so tasty and delicious, and they please us so magnificently during these autumn days…

Mushrooms are a great substitute for meat because of their specific “concrete” taste and high protein composition, and they also have excellent antioxidant properties, because they are rich in antioxidant phytochemicals and minerals such as manganese, selenium and zinc. Edible mushrooms are prepared in almost every way as meat, and almost every one of them is ideal for thick and nutritious autumn soups that open your appetite and stimulate all senses to action.

Just like, for example, Laganini’s creamy mushroom soup, which will make you want to start your every meal with it after a single tasting. Thick, fragrant, exhilarating in every way, this pleasantness eaten with spoon bursts with health and delights us with its complex combination of flavours of fresh mushrooms and porcini enriched with a precious and, as they say, aphrodisiacally potent – white truffle oil.

After this generous nourishment, even the most fervent meat eaters will forget about their nutritional fetishes, especially if they order our Spaghetti With a Selection of Mushrooms. Our mushroom and porcini sauce is hearty and dense like a fantasy forest, and grated fresh truffle elevates it to a higher, almost transcendental level of taste and refined delicacy.


They say all mushrooms are edible, but some only once. All of them are edible at Laganini, and just about every time. So don’t miss the unforgettable mushroom feast at Laganini this autumn!