Mussels: A superfood that smells and tastes like the sea


Is there anything healthier than fresh, scrumptious mussels? Visit Laganini and enjoy your portion of health that has never felt tastier. 

Those who regularly eat mussels are almost in no need of a doctor as these fruits of the sea are packed with vitamins, minerals and saturated fats. To list all of their benefits when it comes to one’s health is indeed a mission impossible. 

Health for everyone!

Due to high concentration of iron, mussels help women to regain energy during their period whilst thanks to abundance of saturated fatty acids they impact the strength of hair and nails. Furthermore, they stimulate skin renewal and enhance the elasticity of the tissue so it’s really impossible not to feel awesome after eating them. Men on the other hand might face slight aphrodisiac effects and many benefits related to the reproductive system due to a high concentration of iodine and zinc. In addition to all above, mussels also serve as an extraordinary protection against stroke and heart attack. Those reluctant in gaining weight will love them because they are low in calories, enhance digestion and stimulate metabolism while those into sports might see their mussels growing faster due to high levels of proteins and essential amino acids. We hardly doubt anyone will find this displeasing, don’t you agree?

Dagnje à la Laganini

You really should include mussels in your diet. However, be careful what you choose: fresh mussels are always tightly closed and if you try to force the opening, they’ll pinch you. The smell should not be unpleasant but give the impression of smelling the sea. If it doesn’t seem so, move on and opt for the frozen ones instead. Or simply pop by and indulge in fresh mussels in our delicious dishes. Fettuccine with prawns, vongole and oysters will for sure make your day while risotto al dimi will sweep you off your feet. Our chef is very proud of this unique risotto “al dimi” with smoked mussels and prawns as the process of smoking gives them a depth of flavor without compromising the taste and nutrient levels.

With the taste of pure Mediterranean and miraculous health benefits, mussels are as tasty as they are nutritious. Come to Laganini and enjoy the countless charms of this sea delicacy! 

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