Risotto: Anytime, anywhere and anyway


A creamy risotto is an original Italian dish that wins our hearts at first sight and our palates at first bite. No wonder many consider it as one of their favorite dishes because, besides being easy to prepare, this is a delicacy to enjoy regardless of the time of the year or part of the world you find yourself in.

But what is the secret, why is this dish so desirable? Any professional cook will tell you that the secret of a good risotto lies in the stock. With a little water, vegetables and time, the stock will turn out just as it should, and with a good stock the rice will be cooked and aromatic, and the risotto irresistibly delicious. When it comes to the choice of rice, due to its slightly sticky consistency and high starch content, arborio rice is recommended.

Chef’s Creativity on the Plate

In its most classic version, risotto is a fairly simple dish—a little butter, onion, short or medium grain rice, stock, and maybe wine, and this Italian dish is ready to be served. Today, risotto comes in many irresistible variations: besides beef, chefs experiment with chicken, veal, venison, seafood, vegetables. The bravest ones change its color, so in addition to the classic yellow risotto, today we have risottos of green, black, or beet pink shades. 

Small Italian Treats on the Croatian Coast

It is already widely known that chef Mićo makes wonders on the plate, and his green smoked seafood risotto is a true piece of art. The combination of seaweed and crab and sea urchin meat gives you the feeling of a real Dalmatian paradise. Besides his mastery of fish specialties, chef Mićo makes excellent meat delicacies, as well. He is an expert in choosing top-quality meat and putting together a stock that even angels would enjoy as hell, so he prepares beef tail risotto with forest fruits for the main course, with a perfectly balanced taste full of powerful aromas. Whichever risotto you choose from our menu, you won’t go wrong if you spice up your dinner with a good glass of wine from our rich wine list.

As usual, we interpreted this classic dish in our own way and gave the delicate Italian dish an irresistible dose of Split spite. Taste the perfectly juicy and creamy risotto from Laganini’s menu, we’re sure you’ll be asking for seconds!

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