Smoke dried fish: New attire of the vintage flavors


Where there’s smoke, there’s taste. And superior taste is equivalent to pure pleasure. It’s a well known fact in the Mediterranean. Therefore we’ve let the sparks of eel, hake, tuna, rajiform, eagle ray and catshark fly along our coast for centuries.

Labourer’s delicacy to the scale of the elite

Mediterranean labourers knew life is too short to eat poor food which is why they tried to make their simple food taste somewhat like their temperament – vigorous, hot blooded and a bit wild.

This is how smoke dried fish was created. Nourishing, goldish, of a pleasant smell and harmonious taste enriched with a hint of wilderness it had fairly easily found its way to the table of the rich and wealthy. Today it’s considered a first class delicacy among the blue blood who do not limit themselves only to oily fish when it comes to feasting on it.

The secret of exquisite taste

Salmon, trout, tuna and swordfish are the most popular choice to feast on today. Due to the significant oil percentage they absorb more smoke which makes them tastier than for example hake or eagle ray.

However, if you would like to enhance an already exquisite taste, play with various aromatised sauces and spices. Horseradish, dill, chives, parsley or somewhat forgotten samphire will definitely ensure a special note to your smoke dried fish that no one will stay immune to!

Versatile ingredient

Smoke dried fish is ideal for every occasion. Whether you want to throw a glamorous party, cater a picky gourmet or wow your family over a sumptuous Sunday lunch, you won’t go wrong if you serve this simple but filling dish.

Combined with pickles, capers or sour cream it makes an ideal appetizer that will elevate every spread for bread, crackers and canapes. However, why make it only an appetizer when the taste of smoke wrapped in aromatic spices fits perfectly to the main course as well?

Our interpretation of primordial Mediterranean

If you’re a foodie eager for high quality luxurious bites, your mouth will water at smoke dried delicacies of our chef Mićo. On a Sea platter Laganini you’ll find tasty bits of the most appreciated Adriatic fish and to all those open to experimenting we offer Smoked seafood green risotto that’ll sweep them off their feet. 

So, are we going to let the sparks fly tonight or what?

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